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James K. Ault

With over seven years in the business of insurance and finance, James K. Ault an expert in the field. He is the President and CEO of his own company, Sooner Retirement which focuses on helping clients plan for their future and prepare for their own retirement. James K. Ault always puts his client’s needs above his own and that of his business. He takes an unbiased approach towards his client’s finance – the financial plan laid out will be planned with the client, focusing on what the client desires, based on their finances and their long term financial goals.

When you work with James K. Ault, you will have a personal relationship with him – with quarterly phone calls in order to check in on your portfolio, annual reviews on the status of your portfolio, as well as offering client seminars. He is there whenever you need him, keeping a watchful eye over your finances and investments. In tandem with his expertise and skill, you can guarantee that your investments will be sound and always in your best interest. It is his goal to ensure that you understand your finances, the investments being made, and the options available to you.

His expertise in computer sciences and software engineering are only the beginning, his core values, work ethic, and dedication stem from his time as a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army. Hopeful and optimistic about the future, he is certain that our path can be determined by our own choices. He expects the best from the future, and works towards achieving that better future. This gives him a certain level of dependability that clients can count on. He always works towards finishing what he has started, with zest and energy in all of his endeavors.

He lays out his financial plans with his client’s plans and goals in mind – all the while working to make sure that their current financial situation is taken into account. He will ensure that any plan presented to a client meets their expectations while also considering all other outside factors that can influence their plans – both positively and negatively. He is prepared to work with anybody who wants to plan out their financial future, and he is ready to help them make their dreams a reality one step at a time.