More about James Ault and Sooner Retirement

At Sooner Retirement we specialize in helping Americans financially prepare for retirement. We help clients all over the country find ways to generate more retirement income and see how to securely protect their money during these turbulent times. Despite the current volatility in the market and the low interest rate environment, there are still strategies that you can put in place right now to ensure that you do not run out of income and keep your money securely protected from future market downturns. While most financial advisors are more than happy to provide you with investment tips and growth opportunities for your portfolio, few financial professionals know how to actually convert your savings into a long-term sustainable income (and protect your money) so that you can spend with confidence when you retire. I am the President and CEO of Sooner Retirement.  In addition to my work as a financial advisor, I am also a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army, a position that instilled discipline, zest, and energy. With roughly a decade of experience in the financial services industry now, I’ve become highly adept at guiding my clients towards a safe and prosperous retirement, based on their specific needs and objectives. By checking in with all of my clients at least once every quarter, I know when their needs have changed, and in turn, how their plan may need to be updated. An avid Sooner’s fan, I reside in Tulsa. But even though my office is physically located in Oklahoma, I actually work with clients throughout the United States. Through our advanced technology systems, not only can we meet “face-to-face” virtually online, but we can also share computer screens so that we are all on the “same page.” That way, you can see first-hand how various income strategies may work for you and your specific goals. All of my meetings are conducted over the phone and virtually, which means you do not need to leave your home or have to visit me in my office.

Our proprietary process has allowed us to view our clients financial future by testing there current and proposed strategies. With this advancement in technology, we will know what works and what doesn't work. Get on my calendar and lets look at your future retirement. Click the green box below labeled "Get On My Calendar"

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Our Process

At Sooner Retirement we have a proprietary process which allows us to take your financial picture and stress test it in a way that most people have never seen their money before. It is intelligent, complete, easy-to-understand, and most importantly it will help us identify what we call "unnecessary risk" inside your financial life.

Our process involves an extensive diagnostic that will stress test your portfolio which includes a Risk Analysis, Long-Term Care, Taxes, Survivorship, and Income.