We Reimagined The Way Annuities Are Sold And Gave You Back Control

We answer frequent questions about annuities in a straightforward, personalized way. Our experts will make objective annuity recommendations to help you retire.
Our proprietary system evaluates hundreds of annuities from top-rated insurance companies.

Our Mission

How We Are Different
Our mission as a Veteran led company is to utilize annuities in the most effective way possible which allows us to fulfill our purpose of assisting retirees in achieving financial stability and confidence for the duration of their golden years.
We care about your post-retirement well-being.
We’re here to help you find the route to retirement bliss that works best for you, and we believe in the power of technology and ethics to help people make informed decisions about annuities.
The System is Broken
Annuities should no longer be researched and sold in the usual manner, which is unclear and complicated. Fees are not transparent, and some of them are simply excessive in size, and the system is set up to benefit the insiders rather than you.
We are changing the industry one annuity at a time.

Our Goal

How We Are Different
We believe that annuities should be sold in a way that is better for everyone. When it comes to annuity shopping, it should be straightforward, clear, and fun. That is Sooner Retirement’s primary goal.
The baby boomer generation, numbering 78 million people, is nearing retirement. People are turning to annuities in greater numbers now than ever before because they need guaranteed lifetime income more than ever and many of them don’t have it.
Annuity sales are expected to rise consistently as more baby boomers prepare for and enter retirement. Each year, annuity sales exceed $200 billion. Annuity purchasing has remained mostly unchanged for decades, with complex processes and jargon that many buyers find difficult to understand.
As a result of their aggressive marketing and greater commissions than most other financial products, annuities have seen a significant increase in popularity over the last decade. Numerous inappropriate annuity placements have been made as well as the appropriate ones.
When it comes to buying and selling annuities, Sooner Retirement has come up with a revolutionary new approach. We’re leveraging technology to streamline the process, increase transparency, and save costs. Every effort is made to make it a pleasant and stress-free experience for you.
If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting a long time for a company like us to come along and provide honest advice, low-cost annuity options, and high-quality annuity recommendations to the hundreds of people we aid each year.
As we embark on this trip, we hope that you will join us as well.

Our Pledge

We pledge to be completely open and truthful with you over the course of our relationship. Even if it sounds clichéd, it isn't difficult.
It's hard to know where to begin in an industry that's rife with complicated terms and glitzy marketing materials.
We're here to tell you the truth as it is.
How We Are Different
What kind of income and perks can you anticipate to receive from the annuity you're purchasing? Any fees or commissions disguised in the annuity contract will be made clear to our clients. Rather than merely the annuity with the greatest commission, we pledge to present you with the best deal possible.
How We Are Different
We will never make the claim that we provide each and every variety of annuity that is now available; others may be able to play the role of jack of all crafts to everyone. Beginning with a narrowed selection of the best annuities gives us the opportunity to be selective with regard to safety and the highest income or the most stable growth potential. This enables us to make an informed decision. Because of this, we are able to assure that each of the annuities we provide has been thoroughly examined and validated.
How We Are Different
Our suggestions are built entirely around the principle of honesty. Our licensed annuity professionals are not captive to or indebted to any one particular insurance provider; they operate on their own and are completely independent. Because this is not the case, we don't try to give the impression that annuities are suitable for everyone in every situation. It is not our business line that determines our annuity recommendations but rather our technology and principles.
How We Are Different
We Have Your Best Interest In Mind
We do this job for you, and we take the responsibility that comes with it very seriously. We will not allow financial rewards or other inducements from the firm to alter our values.
How We Are Different
You're in The Driver Seat
Our goal at Sooner Retirement is to put you in complete control of the annuity research process. This means that you may call us and ask us any question, you can chat with us over the phone, and you can use your computer to study your annuity options.
We conduct all of our sessions over the phone and online, so you can do your research and purchase your annuity from the comfort of your own home, rather than a financial advisor's office.
Rather of requiring you to travel to a financial advisor's office, we at Sooner Retirement have devised a system that allows you to quickly and easily research and review individualized annuity recommendations directly on your computer at home.
It's vital to us that you feel confident in your decision to purchase an annuity.

How it works

The information you provide will help us better understand your plans for retirement and financial security.
Each insurance company’s offer will be calculated precisely by our system.
We will provide you with a list of the top three annuity choices so that you can evaluate each one side by side.
Retirement Freedom
Gain some much-needed peace of mind by knowing that you have selected the appropriate annuity for you, one that will give you the highest income and the most benefits.
In the opinion of Sooner Retirement, a financial advisor’s office should not be necessary. To that end, we’ve developed a system that allows you to swiftly and simply investigate and review individualized annuity recommendations over the phone and via virtual meetings. By meeting with us in a “virtual” setting, we may provide annuity advice and recommendations from the convenience of anywhere you want.
We simplify the annuity process by answering some of the most frequently asked issues in a straightforward and personalized manner. Using our cutting-edge technologies, we’ll show you how to achieve your retirement goals.
We’ll teach you how to achieve your goals, secure your assets, and do it at the lowest possible risk and cost during your private virtual meeting. Using your phone and a private desktop sharing tool, we conduct our virtual meetings one-on-one so that we can see each other’s screens.

How We Work

How We Are Different
When it comes to annuity selection, Sooner Retirement provides a method that is simple and intuitive. To begin, we make it simple to determine whether or not an annuity is appropriate for your needs. Then, it’s a cinch to discover the annuity that best fits your needs. Our software will provide suggestions for annuities that are both individualized and objective, and these will be based on your own goals.
Our method may be complex, but our guiding principle is straightforward.
Some tasks, we feel, technology is better able to complete than humans. In order to provide unbiased annuity recommendations, we make use of software.
If you follow the appropriate steps, finding the right annuity is a lot easier than you might believe.
Not everyone is a candidate for an annuity. When handled incorrectly, annuities can be complicated, perplexing, and expensive. Annuities, on the other hand, can help people achieve their ideal retirement lifestyle if handled correctly.
It’s understandable that finding the finest annuity can be difficult. As a result, our technology-driven approach to annuity selection might make it easier for you to make a confident and educated choice.